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Trial Schedule

This schedule is for the trial classes only; click here for our regular class schedule.

5.15pm NO TRIALS -Muay Thai NO TRIALS NO TRIALS -Muay Thai
-Nogi Grappling
6.45pm -Muay Thai NO TRIALS -Muay Thai -MMA
8.15pm -BJJ -Boxing -Grappling Fundamental
(Gi & Nogi)
-Muay Thai
2pm -Muay Thai

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Updated 10 Sep 2019

Free Trial Class

Our Free Trial class is mainly catered to beginners with little to no experience, to let them get their bearings and try out a new martial art. To enjoy a Free Trial class with us, please make a booking by following the instructions below. Free Trial classes are by appointments only; strictly no walk-ins.

Please take note that all trial bookings are closed 2 working days prior to the day of the trial. We regret that we are unable to accommodate bookings made on late notice.

By booking a Free Trial Class, you agree and consent to the Terms & Conditions. You also agree and consent to abide by Fight G House Rules during your Free Trial Class.
Please also give the Things to Note section a read.

Are You Experienced?

If you have been training for a while and you are confident in your skills, during your Free Trial Class, you may skip the basics and join the rest of the class for intermediate or advance training. Simply inform us when you check in at the counter for your trial, and we will advise you accordingly. If you have prior experience, you may call in to request to join in one of our regular classes (not on the Trial Schedule). We will look into your request, on a case-by-case basis, and advise accordingly.

Booking a Free Trial

By Phone

Phone: +65 6438 5788
Please refer here for the trial schedule.

Do take note of our operating hours. We regret that we may not respond outside of our operating hours or during peak period.

By Email

Email: trialrequest@fightg.com
For bookings through emails, please fill up all the fields as required. Please refer to the template below:

Contact Number:
Number of attendees:

Please refer to our trial schedule for the fields below. Click here for schedule.
Trial Date: DD/MM/YYYY
Trial Class Time: 5.15pm / 6.45pm / 8.15pm / 12pm / 2pm
Trial Class Type: Muay Thai / BJJ / MMA / Nogi / Grappling Fundamental / Boxing*
*Please pick only ONE Trial Class Type

We regret that all incorrect or incomplete bookings will be rejected.

Things to note

If you are booking as a group, or on behalf of, please notify all trial attendees of the following:

Kindly note that we require all trial attendees to bring along photo identification, bearing your NRIC / FIN or Passport Number for verification purposes e.g. Pink/Blue NRIC or LTVP (Long Term Visitation Pass) or Passport or Employment Pass, or Driver’s License, or any other form of identification issued by the ICA, MOM, SAF, SCDF, SPF or their foreign equivalent.

Any other form of identification not bearing photo or NRIC / FIN / Passport number, e.g Student Matriculation Card, may be rejected, at our discretion.

Please click here for our Personal Data Policy

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the class. In order not to disrupt the class, late-comers may be rejected at our discretion. In the event you require directions, please refer here for directions.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule your trial, please notify us through email or phone. We regret that we may reject any future rescheduling or amendments, at our sole discretion, if you miss your trial without notice. We seek your understanding in this matter.

Parental Consent
If you are under the age of 18, please download and complete our Under 18 Parental Consent Form. It is compulsory for you to submit the completed form to the Gym on the day of your trial class. You will not be allowed to participate if the form is not completed and submitted.

Please click here for our Personal Data Policy


Please remove your footwear before entering the premise.

Shower facilities are available, however towels and toiletries are not provided. You are encouraged to bring your own if you wish to use the showers.

All bags and valuables are to be kept in the locker during class. Locker rental is $1 each. Sharing of lockers are not allowed. As per our House Rules, Management reserves the right to confiscate and dispose of any bags and items no kept appropriately inside a locker.

Only cash payment is accepted for equipment rental and drinks purchase.

Muay Thai / Boxing:
Gloves are mandatory for class. Glove rental are $2 a pair. You are encouraged to bring your own gloves.

Class is practiced primarily in a gi. You are strongly encouraged to attend class with a gi and belt. However, it is not mandatory if you do not have a gi for the trial.
As there will be grappling elements during the class, please avoid loose fitting clothing.

Nogi / MMA:
As there will be grappling elements during the class, please avoid loose fitting clothing.

Trial Class FAQ

  • What is a trial class like and how long is the class?

    The trial class allows you to experience and learn the basic techniques of the various disciplines. All classes are about 1 hour and 30 minutes long.
  • How many trial classes can I book?

    Each person is entitled to one Free Trial Class.
  • Can I bring my friends along for a trial class?

    Of course, just indicate the total number of people attending the trial class in the booking form.
  • Can I reschedule my trial class if I am unable to make it?

    As there are limited trial slots for every class, it would be much appreciated if you can adhere to the trial booking. However, if you are unable to make it, just drop us email at enquiries@fightg.com, or call us, and let us know as early as possible.
  • What should I WEAR for my trial class?

    A general rule of thumb is to be in your workout attire.

    Please avoid the following:
    -Training without a top
    -Jeans or other denim clothes
    -Clothing with buttons or metal zipper or any other metallic elements
    -Loose fitting clothes for Nogi / MMA / Grappling
    -Tights, trunks or spats WITHOUT a pair of shorts over(for Men)

    As we are a mixed gender gym, we request everyone to be modestly dressed for training.
  • Do I need Personal Protective Equipment?

    Personal Protective Gear is NOT required for the trial. However, if you have the following, you are strongly encouraged to bring them:

    Muay Thai & Boxing
    – Mouthpiece
    – Hand wraps
    – Groin guard (for males)

    – Mouthpiece
    – Groin guard (for males)

  • I have never tried doing martial arts before. Can I still join?

    Of course! We have many beginners training with us and many of them started from ground zero too. We also welcome everyone regardless of gender. Don’t be shy!
  • If I am unfit, can I still join?

    Yes! We are a martial arts gym after all. All you would need is a keen mind to learn and a dedicated spirit to train. Fitness would naturally develop as you train/