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Personal Training

In our personal (one-on-one) training, our aim is to meet the needs, goals and interests of our client, ie: we actually go that extra mile to customize a specific martial arts training programme for you.

This means that you can actually fuse different types of martial arts (e.g.: Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and a cardio workout) according to your personal preferences.

The client has a variety of martial arts and techniques to choose from. We will assess your body type, fitness and fighting style, and, from there, work out the most suitable programme for you.

The main benefit of having a specific martial arts training programme is the fact that it allows for the development of attributes you want such as strength, ballistic power, speed or reflexes.

The best part about personal training is the fact that the client does not need to stick to the same programme forever. We will constantly redevelop your personal martial arts training to meet your goals.



  1. Personal one-on-one attention.
  2. A martial arts system will be solely created for you.
  3. Train at your own pace and schedule.
  4. Mix and match martial arts styles according to techniques you want to develop.
  5. Able to change and redevelop your fighting style anytime during training.