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Boxing, also known as “the sweet science”, is one of the oldest combat sports in history. Created by the Greeks, the theory of boxing is to hit and not get hit.

With this theory in mind, Boxing trains the practitioner to use movement as well as superior defense to avoid being hit and trains the practitioner to hit the opponent from a safe position.

Boxing training incorporates the use of focus mitts to allow the practitioner to strike with devastating power in a safe and controlled environment. The focus mitts also allows the trainer to touch the practitioner during pad work, testing the practitioner’s reflexes to move away or block the strike.

Various other martial arts such as Muay Thai and MMA have also incorporated boxing techniques in their arsenal of techniques.


  1. Great cardio workout as Boxing is a very fast paced martial art.
  2. Practitioners with knee complications are able to train, as Boxing does not have any kicking or kneeing techniques.
  3. Pad work tones muscles due to the resistance the partner offers.
  4. Relieve stress by hitting the pads. This allows the practitioner to practice the techniques with full power in a safe environment.
  5. Great for body coordination as Boxing is a martial art that works all planes of movement.
  6. Competitions. The practitioners are able to compete in various tournaments in Singapore or internationally.