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Opening Hours:

4pm to 9.30pm (Weekdays)
11pm to 3.30pm (Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Phone: +65 6438 5788

Email: enquiry@fightg.com

Address: 41C North Canal Road Singapore 059297


The closest station is Clarke Quay MRT. Take Exit A from the station. Once on ground level, you will find yourself in Hong Lim Park. We are located at the row of shophouses directly across the road.

Alternatively, you may exit Raffles Place MRT via Exit G. Once on ground level, go across UOB Plaza towards the river. Turn left before the river, walking past Maulana Mohd Ali Mosque and the MacDonalds. You will find yourself on North Canal Road. Then simply walk straight, crossing Lorong Telok and the traffic light at South Bridge Road till you reach us.

By Car:

The nearest expressway is the CTE, exit at Havelock Road.

Parking Options:

1) Open-air carpark beside Kreta Ayer Police Post (across the street from us)
2) Hong Kong Street (behind North Canal Road)
3) Open-air carpark on Carpenter Street (1 street away)
4) Central Clarke Quay


  • How are the training sessions conducted?

    Our classes are conducted as a group session. The exact format would differ from martial arts to martial arts. Call us at 64385788 or click here to book a Free Trial Class and experience how the training is conducted.
  • Are the training sessions safe?

    Yes. The techniques are taught and done in a controlled environment to ensure training is safe. The training floors are also matted.

    Steps have been taken to keep training as safe as possible and keep risk to a minimum. However, as with any physical activity with contact, risk of injury is still present and cannot be fully eliminated.

  • What attire to be dressed for training?

    Come in comfortable sporting attire. For course, martial art specific gears are encouraged.

    For BJJ, please be in a appropriate gi.

    Please avoid the following:
    -Training without a top
    -Jeans or other denim clothes
    -Clothing with buttons or metal zipper or any other metallic elements
    -Loose fitting clothes for Nogi / MMA / Grappling
    -Tights, trunks or spats without a pair of shorts over(for Men)

    As we are a mixed gender gym, we request everyone to be modestly dressed for training.
  • Is the training conducted barefoot?

    For the most part, yes. Strictly no outside footwear is allowed on the premise. However, appropriate martial art specific footwear is allowed, eg Boxing or Wrestling shoes. However, please ensure that they are clean before wearing them.
  • If I have no experience in Martial Arts, can I still join the sessions?

    Yes. That is our job to teach you. Come with an open mind and willingness to try and you will be set. Even world champions started somewhere.
  • Are there different grades in the courses?

    Yes. At the moment, we have grading systems for Muay Thai and BJJ. Upon reaching a grade, you will be awarded accordingly.
  • What equipment do I need for Muay Thai?

    Hand wraps and a mouth shield. Groin guard (for males). Gloves are available for rent.
  • What equipment do I need for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

    Just a Gi. However, you can do your first class without a Gi.
  • What equipment do I need for Mixed Martial Arts?

    A mouth shield. Groin guard (for males). Gloves are available for rent.
  • What equipment do I need for Boxing?

    Hand wraps and a mouth shield. Groin guard (for males). Gloves are available for rent.
  • Can I purchase the equipment at the academy?

    Yes you may. Equipment are subjected to stock availability.
  • Can I take part in competitions?

    Yes. In fact we have a competition team and have created a number of champions. We have also have fighters, both professional and amateur, in our team. However, please talk to your instructor first to better understand our competition team training.
  • How do I sign up for the sessions?

    We recommend for you to attend the free trial class and experience our class! Subsequently, you can sign up with us at the gym and start immediately.
  • What facilities do you have?

    We have 2 levels for training, both matted. We also have punching bags, uppercut post, weights, kettle bells, conditioning equipment, lockers, showers and other training-related equipment. We are constantly looking to improve our training and will be upgrading existing equipment or procuring additional equipment from time to time.
  • Trial Related FAQs

    For more trial class related FAQs, please refer to here.
  • Can’t find the answers to your question here?

    Drop us an email or call us at 64385788.