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Kelvin Yeo

Brazilian Jiujitsu / Nogi / MMA Coach

Kelvin began his martial journey while serving his national service in 2011. He started learning MMA, then Muay Thai, before finally finding his niche in Brazilian Jiujitsu. He bought a gi that came with a free, albeit oversized, belt and never looked back since. Seldom the biggest, the strongest, or the fastest person on the training floor, Kelvin was fascinated instead by what the human body can achieve through the clever use of leverage, application of angles and superior techniques. This fascination shaped his training philosophy: to strive for technical domination over just simple physical superiority.

Many years since, now an instructor, he has brought that philosophy over to his instructions: he prefers teaching concepts over mere moves. He believes that understanding the craft is more important that just being able to do a move. He is always reiterating to his students to explore and adapt what he taught to suit themselves, as everyone is different, with a different build, style, etc. Going back to the previous point, having a solid grasp of the art allows one to apply their own creativity to their game. After all, BJJ is an art.

Kelvin also oversees the Jiujitsu program for Fight G’s India Affiliate: Team Relentless, India’s first professional MMA team.

“The correct technique is the one that works for you, the wrong technique is what doesn’t.”


  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt, 4th Stripe
  • Amateur Muaythai Association (Singapore) Certified Muay Thai Instructor
  • ADCC Class C Referee
  • SFATC First Aid CPR & AED Certified
  • SportSG Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) Certified
  • SportSG National Registry of Coaches (NROC) Registered
  • GAMMA Judge & Referee (Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts)

Competitive Achievements

  • 2015 SEAGC Under 70 Purple Adult Male – Gold
  • 2015 SEAGC Absolute Purple Adult Male – Bronze
  • 2014 Pan Asia Under 70 Purple Adult Male – Bronze