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Darryl Edmund “Oathbreaker” Kho

Boxing Coach

Darryl has been a practitioner of the Sweet Science since 2010. His craft honed in the ring, he started his boxing career competing in the amateur circuit in 2013, both locally and internationally, with an amateur record of 13-4-1. Despite juggling a full time day job and his coaching commitments, Darryl decided to take it one step further and turn professional in 2017.

Darryl believes strongly that hard work and discipline trumps talent. He structures his classes around that philosophy, always revisiting techniques and skills to improve and refine. Practice makes better, and better is its own reward.

Under Darryl’s tutelage, our boxers have several title belts under them, like the TRFC Amateur Champion and several White Collar Boxing Champions.

“No one gets a free meal; you work for what you want. At the end of the day, that victory earned is that much sweeter.”


Competitive Achievements

  • Professional Boxing Record: 5 Wins (1 Knockout)| 1 Loss | 1 Draw
  • Amateur Boxing Record: 13 Wins | 4 Losses | 1 Draw