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Fight G House Rules

FIGHT G PTE LTD. (Company Registration Number 200912302G)(the ‘Management’) owns and operates FIGHT G (the ‘Gym’) at 41C North Canal Road Singapore 059297 (the ‘Premise’).

  1. Shoes should be left outside the gate, or kept in a plastic or shoe bag before being placed in a locker. Only boxing shoes and wrestling shoes that are clean and have not been worn outdoors will be permitted on the mats.

  2. All members and guests (’You’) are required to rent lockers and abide by the locker rules and regulations. All personal belongings, including but not limited to, bags and valuables are to be placed inside the locker. Only items required for training, such as water bottles, are permitted to be brought to the training area. The Management reserves the right to confiscate or dispose of personal belongings left unattended, including items not placed in lockers, without prior approval at the Premises.

  3. By entering the Premises, regardless of whether you participate in a class or training, conducted by the Gym’s instructors, you agree, for yourself and anyone entitled to act on your behalf, to hold harmless, waive and release the Management, its employees, representatives and agents for any personal injury, accident, death, loss, damage or theft on the Premises.

  4. You are required to wear proper gym attire when you train. Please change in the washrooms or bathroom stalls and not in the common area. Clothing requirements are as follows:
    • NO topless training during class, and at the training area.
    • NO buttons, metal zippers or any other metallic elements on your clothing.
    • NO loose-fitting clothes for No-Gi / MMA / Grappling.-NO tights, trunks, spats, vale tudo shorts or other form-fitting bottoms WITHOUT another pair of shorts over for men.
    • Yes, professional fighters wear them during their fight, but this is not a fight, just training. We are also a mixed gender gym, so please tone it down a little, no one wants to see your junk.
  5. You are required to wear your Personal Safety Equipment (’PSE’) during class, excluding the trial class, as follows:

      • Mouthguard
      • Handwraps
      • Groinguard
    • MMA
      • Mouthguard
      • Groinguard

    In addition, if you have been graded, you are required to wear the relevant equipment to denote your rank, as follows:

      • Colored Prajiet worn around the glove of, or on the dominant arm.
    • BJJ
      • Colored belt, as applicable.
      • All awarded stripe(s), as applicable.

    A $2 fine will be imposed for missing or inappropriately used PSE, and/or failure to denote your rank.

  6. In addition to the PSE required for class, you are required to use additional protective equipment, as instructed by the Gym’s instructor or the Management, for Fight Class, or during sparring. All live striking drills done outside of class time, with or without instructor supervision, will be considered sparring. To avoid doubt, please check with the instructor and/or the Management before commencing.

  7. You must exercise due care to avoid causing injury to yourself and anyone else. You must follow the instructions of the Management and/or the instructors. The Management and/or the instructors may stop you from attending class or participate in any training on the Premises if he decides that it is unsafe for you or anyone else. Latecomers may be barred from attending class.

  8. Please treat the gym facilities and equipment with care. All equipment is to be returned to its proper place after use. You will be held liable for damage caused to any of the facilities or equipment on the Premises as a result of your negligence or misuse. Fighters approved by the Management have priority over the gym facilities and equipment.

  9. Nails must be trimmed short. You are not permitted to enter the Premises whilst suffering from any infections or contagious illnesses, diseases or other ailments such as open cuts, open sores or minor infections, where there is a risk that such use may be detrimental to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition of anyone else.

  10. All members will update the Management of any change in your contact information, emergency contact or residential address.

If you fail to adhere to any of these house rules, behave unacceptably or have outstanding payment obligations, your membership contract may be suspended or terminated and/or you will be required to leave the Premises. Any and all payment made will be forfeited. The Management also reserves the right to take legal actions against anyone in breach of the House Rules.

The Management’s failure to insist on strict adherence to any if the foregoing house rules, whether intentional or by oversight, does not result in a waiver of those rights or remedies for their breach at the relevant time or subsequently thereafter. The Management reserves the right to amend these house rules by displaying the amended house rules at the Gym Premises. The Management’s enforcement of these house rules in its absolute discretion is final and binding.