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Covid-19 Sitrep

Interim Class Format

-All BJJ, Nogi, Grappling and MMA classes will be cancelled until further notice.
-All Muay Thai, Boxing and Xtreme Conditioning classes will be adjusted to no-contact training, primarily solo drills / exercises and strength & conditioning.
-Classes will be reduced to 60 mins (including prep time), to accomodate additional classes in the schedule and sanitization.
-Classes will be capped at a maximum of 8 people only.
-Each person will have their own designated training area. You are required to stay within your demarcated area during training.
-Class timing are staggered and alternates between our 2 levels.
-You are required to sanitize your hands before and after class. You are free to use the sanitizer on other parts of your person and belongings, however please be considerate and exercise reasonable discretion.

Interim Class Protocols

-Booking for a slot in class prior is mandatory.
-Booking will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
-Booking must be done in person at the gym. Booking on behalf of another person is strictly not allowed.
-Booking is restricted to the same day of the class.
-Each member is limited to 1 class per day only.
-Be responsible when booking a slot. Cancellation will not be allowed. No-Show will be subjected to penalties. (see below)
-Entry to the premises, with the express purpose of attending class, will only be permitted 5 mins before the start of your class. Coming in early and waiting in the gym is strictly not allowed; you will be asked to leave.
-Be punctual for class. There will be a grace period of 5 mins after the start of class. Latecomers will not be allowed to participate. Being late will be considered No-Show and subjected to the same penalties.
-No-Show penalty:
1st time = Warning | 2nd time = 3-days ban | 3rd time onwards = 14-days ban.
1 session from your package will also be forfeited, or a $10 penalty for members on the Unlimited Package, per No-Show.

Interim Gym Protocols & Social Distancing

-Entry to the gym will be restricted and limited during this period. Unfortunately we cannot allow you to be in the gym unless you are attending class, or to handle administrative matters at the front desk.
-To attend class, only arrive 5 mins before the start of your class, to rent a locker ad other incoming process. Coming in early and waiting in the gym is strictly not allowed; you will be asked to leave
-Proceed to the training area after you are done with your pre-training preperation to wait for class to start. Do not wait anywhere else in the gym.
-Proceed to the front desk to return your locker key and other outgoing process, immediately after class. Shower / change and leave the gym as soon as possible.
-You may enter the gym, anytime within our operating hours, to book a slot for class. However, please leave ASAP once you are done.
-Observe social distancing protocols. Please follow the demarcation on the floor and along the stairs.
-Queue in an orderly fashion. Do not attempt to cut the line by breaching our demarcation.
-The front desk area, including the fridge area, will be cordoned off. Strictly no entry.
-The fridge will not be accessible. For drinks, please make your purchase at the front desk and the counter staff will hand the drinks to you.
-Sanitize your hands upon entry and exit, and also before and after class.
-Mandatory hand over of photo ID will be implemented, even if you are not renting a locker. This measure is to ensure tracibility. We will require your photo ID to contain your photo, full legal name, NRIC / FIN / passport number / any other unique identifier code (subject to Management’s discretion). As such, non photo ID, such as blank EZ Link card, bank card, office card etc, will be rejected.
-All training equipment, including heavy bags, stationary bike, rowing machine, kettle bells, weights, etc are no longer for use. Only the equipment present in class, or as instructed by the staff / instructors, are allowed for use.
-No training / physical activity, other than those conducted in class, is permitted.

Temporary Suspension of Free Trial Classes

All Free Trial Classes will be cancelled, until further notice.

Temporary Suspension of Drop-In

We are no longer accepting Drop-Ins, until further notice.

Screening and Measures

In light of the recent development of the Covid-19 situation, we will be adopting even more increased measures and precautions for the safety and health of our staff and members.

Temperature taking & Screening at the counter

Temperature will be taken at the counter. The counter staff will also screen for symptoms, including but not limited to, runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever. We will reject anyone displaying any symptoms, at our absolute discretion.

Travellers restrictions

Per MOH and ICA guidelines, we will not permit entry to anyone with ANY recent travel history, or anyone who have been issued a Stay-Home Notice by the authorities.

Sanitisation & Cleaning

We have increased our cleaning and sanitisation procedures. Alcohol based sanitiser is available at the counter. Additional antiseptic solution will also be available.
During our sanitisation process, access to the training area will be restricted. All members and any participants in training are advised to maintain good personal hygiene.

We regret any inconvenience caused by the increased measures in the meantime. Thank you for your understanding.

Updated 27 Mar 2020